4Q Arts Factory is a dynamic multi-purpose creative space and music studio situated in the heart of Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK.

Our inviting space is open to a diverse range of creative individuals and groups, including bands, performance ensembles, solo artists, DJs, teachers, and producers. We're here to provide the backdrop for your artistic expression.

Our services encompass a broad spectrum of offerings for both clients and performers. This includes professional recording and production facilities, multiple rehearsal and practice spaces, live streaming capabilities, dedicated podcast recording setups, live sound services, AV equipment rental, and artist management.

We're proud to offer a wide-range of services from 4Q Arts Factory

Our spaces, equipment, people, experience, knowledge and industry links allow us to provide artists a portfolio of services that allow them to create, capture and inspire through music and other art forms. 

Nestled in a historical building dating back to 1895, formerly owned by the manufacturing firm Messenger & Co., 4Q Arts Factory has undergone recent renovations to offer a welcoming and imaginative space for our clients. 

Our vision is to produce exceptional music and video in this ex-factory, transforming its slightly dingey recent history into a hub of creative excellence. 

With deep roots in the local community spanning generations, the 4Q team is dedicated to providing a well-equipped and accessible creative space for both the local community and artists.