4Q Live Room

Our Live Room is our largest space available. Measuring 400 sq. foot and connected to our control room this space can be used for band rehearsals, audio recording, filming and streaming.

Free parking, 24 hour availability, multiple spaces available for hire.

Rehearsals start from £20/hour and the basic package includes Soundcraft/QSC/RCF PA system, PDP drum shells, Line 6 guitar head and cabs and Ashdown bass amps, and Shure microphones.

Our deluxe rehearsal package gives your band a 20-channel digital mixer, IEM facilities,

Extra equipment including cymbals, microphones and instruments can be hired, extra services including audio/video recording and live streaming are also available.

Size: 400 sq. foot
Sound: Live
Suitable for: 1-12 people

Basic rehearsals £20 / hour
Soundcraft 16=channel analogue mixer, 3 x powered speakers, drum shells, bass combo, guitar combo, 3 x mics, stands and leads

Deluxe rehearsals £25 / hour
Soundcraft 20-channel digiter mixer and touchscreen monitor, drum shells, bass stack, guitar stack, 6 mics, DI boxes and IEM facilities

Solo recording £30 / hour
Use of the Live Room for solo recording with engineer.

Band recording £50 / hour
Exclusive use of the Live Room,, Vault and Control Room for band recording, including all equipment.

Streaming £80 / hour
Stream your event from the factory, includes two engineers, mixed audio, multi-camera live-stream and broadcast to your audience through your channels

Cymbal hire £2 / hour
Microphone hire £2 / hour
arsal multi-track £5 / hour
Rehearsal filming £10 / hour

Terms and Conditions
3 hour minimum booking
Full terms and conditions

PDP drum shells (excludes snare)
Ashdown bass amp
Guitar amp
Novation keyboard controller

Soundcraft LX7
Soundcraft Ui24 20-channel digital mixer
QSC/RCF active subwoofers, powered speakers and floor monitors

Shure SM58 microphones
Shure SM57 microphone

All required XLR cables
K&M microphone stands
RAT music stands